Monday, January 28, 2013

Arab Filly Illustration

~ Arab Filly in Graphite ~

The weather the last few days have been rather mild for a January in northern Minnesota
with temperatures reaching into the low to mid 30's.
Weather that has been tempting me to spend a much longer time than usual outdoors.

But, I am trying to discipline myself at least a little to sit at the drawing table and create.
So despite warm temps, yesterday evening this little ACEO graphite drawing appeared.
"Arab Filly in Graphite" is the newest illustration off the drawing table.



  1. I can see why it has sold already!

    Our weather has been a roller coaster. Ice storms, record highs, now violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. And tomorrow we are suppose to have a 30 degree drop in temps. No wonder everyone is sick :)


  2. Thank you Gail!

    Wow, that is a weather roller coaster! Hope all is safe your way Gail, with good health to you and yours!