Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot out of the Forge

~ Raven Hook ~

It's been some time since I've designed any new items for my husband's shop "Blacksmiths III". So yesterday was the day we decided it was time to pull something new from the forge. What appeared?...the Raven Hook, designed after my Prismacolor pencil painting "The Watcher".

This was not our usual Medieval or Renaissance design...but we had fun. :0)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dragonfly and I

~ The Rose in the Ivy ~

~ The Smiling Dragonfly ~

~ Blue Dragonfly ~

As I walked the grounds of Garden's Keep to capture images of the final beauties of Fall, a small but vibrating noise reached my ears. Curious to find its source, I decided to follow the faint sound. Rounding the corner of Dragonfly Cottage, I approached the sunbathed greenroom, its west wall still neatly rolled back from summer to allow the heat of the sun to escape. Here the vibrating sound became quite clear though steadily lessening.

Stepping onto the greenroom floor I paused to listen. One minute, then two, and the sound came again, this time quite near. A quick t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t, as if a cellophane bag was beating against the walls of the greenroom. My gaze went directly to its source, and there against the transparent wall I beheld a very beautiful, blue and teal dragonfly, who was quickly tiring in his unsuccessful attemps to fly free of the strange room he had ventured into. As he settled on to the last remaining rose to rest, I carefully approached, camera poised, ready to collect images I had desired for quite some time.

After what seemed like many moments of blissful camera clicking, I realized this delicate creature may never find his way out. Ever so slowly, I extended a hand until my fingers touched his thin black legs. Cautiously he hoisted his exhausted little body up to clutch my hand, then very carefully we went together into the open air. Many moments more we stood together, he slowly vibrating his slightly tattered wings, I mesmerized by his beauty, as the golden sun slowly set. It was time for him to be free, and as night was approaching I carefully placed him high onto a secure branch at the edge of the wood, hoping he would be safe and well until morning light gave him warmth to fly off into the autumn sky.