Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Time Again For Sailing Ships ~

This past weekend provided another opportunity to view,
closer this time,
those beautiful sailing ships from times past.

Duluth hosted once more a Tall Ships Festival.
Nine amazing tall masted ships sailed into Minnesota's Duluth harbor, 
attracting attention wherever their masts could be seen.

The first to arrive were the Pride of Baltimore II, a 157' two masted schooner, 
the Norwegian white SS Sorlandet, a fully rigged 210' three masted ship built in 1927,
and the Privateer Lynx, a 122' two masted schooner.

~ SS Sorlandet ~

This ship is the oldest fully rigged ship in the world still in operation.
Built as a training vessel, she helped represent Norway at the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago.
During World War II the ship became damaged, but was restored and read to sail again in 1948.
Her first engine was installed in 1958. 

~ U.S. Brig Niagara ~
198' two masted brig.

This ship is a reconstruction of the brig used by
Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry to win victory in the
1813 Battle of Lake Erie. 

~ The two masted 79' Schooner Hindu shares the water with boats and ships from a more modern era. ~

Trying to capture images of sailing ships only was not easy in the Duluth harbor
busy with ore ships, cruise ships, and various boats large and small.