Tuesday, August 23, 2016

~ The Blues and Purple ~

One week ago our son and I decided to submit
each two entries to our local fair.
Judging was on Wednesday, and by Thursday
we were so tempted to make the 45 minute trip to go back and see the results.

But we waited...until the last day, Sunday.
That day we attended with our grown children and grandchildren.
The youngest wanted to go on fair rides, so this we did first.

After the last ticket was taken...and the last ride ridden
I could wait no longer.
I HAD to take a peek in the barn that contained this year's fair entries.

We walked passed the vegetables, passed the beautiful cut flower displays,
passed the honey and egg entries,
then finally to the art and photographs.

Here was where family and I stared...searching...
for the two entries each we brought five days before.

~ Late Summer Dragonfly  ~

~ Late Summer Dragonfly ~
(closeup of framed image)

~ Supper Time ~
Grand Lake Osprey

~ Supper Time ~
Grand Lake Osprey
(closeup of framed image)

And lo...
there they were!
Each one beautifully adorned with a blue satin ribbon...
and one...
an unplanned photograph I had taken of a very surprising view, 
had a wonderful purple!
Grand Champion of all twenty photography classes!

I was so happy...amazed...
and grateful!


Wishing you a wonderful whimsical day! ~