Friday, February 8, 2013


~ Great Winged Cloud ~
As I was working in the vegetable garden last summer at the end of July I happened to look up at the sky as I quite often do, because one never knows what amazing whimsical sights might be seen up above.
This particular July day I was not disappointed! There floating above me was a beautiful great wing. At a loss for not having my camera at hand, I quickly dashed into the house to retrieve it, hoping the winged cloud would stay just as it was.
Upon my return the cloud still remained...hovering in place as if waiting. In fact, it hovered quite long, changing very little, as I clicked image after image until I was quite satisfied there were enough good images to capture its amazing and unusual beauty!
Later that evening the images were downloaded and stored for future viewing. Then, last night as I began to sift through my collection, the great winged cloud came onto the screen, its beauty as striking as I had remembered it.
Now, its not the first time I have been captivated by an unusual or stunning cloud. Nor the first time I had totally missed other "hidden" elements in its beauty. Somehow, focusing only on the giant wing that had been floating above me, I completely missed that this wing was part of...
...a flying cat!
~ Flying Cat's Head ~
I give you my word that this is the exact cloud image I took! When finally seeing the cat's face I was stunned by its eye!
I wonder...
what other cloud images have I stored that hide creatures floating in them? 

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