Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It Rained And It Rained And It Rained

A storm system stalled over us...
and it rained...
and it rained...
and it rained...

a record breaking rain like we have never seen!

Never have we had floods like this.
Really we rarely have floods at all!

Cars now in water up to roof tops,
vehicles dropping into sink holes,
raging waters over a dam,
an entire city being evacuated,
railroads hanging in the air where the ground washed out from beneath it,
the zoo flooded and lost much loved animals,
docks disappearing under swollen lakes,
large sections of roads under water or completely washed out,
stranding many including some of my family.

~ Sideroad leading to Duluth's major shopping area. That is not a lake at the bottom of the hill. It should be lawns, road, and parking lots only. ~

~ Duluth, Minnesota car dealership with flooded vehicles. Parking lots and road should be where water is seen. ~

~ What normally is a well traveled section of road between some of Duluth's major shopping stores and restaurants. Where you see water should only be road and parking lots. ~

~ A frontage road leading to Duluth's major shopping mall. ~

~ Kayakers heading to the flooded parking lot of Duluth's Target store. ~

~ Kayakers paddling to the mall. ~

~ Many sections of road had large bodies of water on them such as the one above... ~

~ ...and this country road outside of Duluth heading towards our home. ~

~ This country driveway was completely under water, leading to a home on the edge of a dangerously high and flooding Cloquet River. ~

It is going to take many days for this amount of water to recede.
Thankfully our home is high enough so we have seen only slight water damage from the amazing amount of water that has fallen from the sky. Some of my gardens however have seen too much water, and rescuing of plants may be needed!