Friday, June 8, 2018

~ Little Etched Pony ~

~ Little Bobbles ~

During this past late winter and into early spring,
I ventured into a new area of art...
etching model horses.

For the past few years the craft of re sculpting
and re painting model horses has fascinated me.
This craft allows anyone to create a model horse
in any color they desire...even farther...
change it's shape or pose. An artist can create a horse
that resembled a real one once owned
from the past or the present.

Last year I was finally time for me
to join the art of custom colored horses.

My first recolored model was worked up in 
my favorite medium...colored pencil, in layer 
upon layer of color. After which I added a few touches
of white with Golden acrylics.

The second...third...fourth...fifth...and :0)...
were using a medium completely new to me...
pan pastels, applied with a very soft brush.

The little dun filly on the left was my first re color
 with pan pastels. After her body color was complete
 I gave her hooves a bit of
realistic look with my wonderful Prismacolor pencils...
sprayed her all down with many layers
of mat sealant to protect her...
and for the finishing touches, carefully glossed the hooves,
as well as her big, beautiful eyes.
 The palomino in the back was what
she used to look like before I began work on her.
 This spring she found a new home
with a delightful mini model horse collector.

I found pan pastels such fun to work with...and may
apply them to some 2D art in the future.
But...back to 3D horses. :0)

While studying ways to re color these wonderful horse
models I began to notice a technique very similar
to scratchboard art I had created while still
in high school. This technique was working with models
already painted...but now removing the color with a
very sharp blade.

I was intrigued! Sooooo...
I carefully selected my fully painted model...
looked through my art supplies and found the sharpest
x acto blades I had...
and went to work.

The end result?
" Little Bobbles "
Fully etched from head to toe.
She began as a solid dark grey pony...
all 4 hooves dark grey as well.
Not a white marking on her anywhere.
When I completed her, she emerged as the
cutest little grey dappled pinto, with
two hooves clear and two striped party color.

She has the most delicate hairing over every bit 
of her remaining grey (so delicate the camera didn't pick it up).
And to tip her over on cuteness
I added a bit of pink to that soft muzzle.

Glossed hooves...glossed little sparkling eyes...
signed on her fuzzy tummy...
this little girl standing 2 1/4" tall at the tip of her ears,
 is now ready for her new home...
wherever that may be.

~ Little Bobbles ~

~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~