Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring River and Forest

The St. Louis River

Setting Sun in the Forest

Minnesota is blessed with thousands of fresh water lakes, streams, and rivers. This past Sunday we took a 20 minute drive to view the beautiful St. Louis River as the Spring run-off swirled and churned through its solid rock banks where gorgeous trees of pine and cedar thrive, creating a scene of fantasy in the glow of the setting sun.  

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring, Beautiful Spring

Campanula in the Greenroom

Beautiful Sweet Smelling Primula

~ A Busy Day ~
author unknown

The bluff March wind set out from home
Before the peep of day,
But nobody seemed to be glad he had come,
And nobody asked him to stay.

Yet he dried up the snow-banks far and near,
And made the snow-clouds roll,
Huddled up in a heap, like driven sheep,
Way off to the cold North Pole.

He broke the ice on the river's back
And floated it down the tide,
And the wild ducks came with a loud "Quack, quack,"
To play in the waters wide.

He snatched the hat off Johnny's head
And rolled it on and on,
And oh, what a merry chase it led
Little laughing and scampering John!

He swung the tree where the squirrel lay
Too late in its winter bed,
And he seemed to say in his jolly way,
"Wake up, little sleepy head!"

He dried the yard so that Rob and Ted
Could play at marbles there,
And he painted their cheeks a carmine red
With the greatest skill and care.

He shook all the clothes-lines, one by one,
What a busy time he had!
But nobody thanked him for all he had done;
Now wasn't that just too bad?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Beautiful Piece of Sunshine

~ For the beauty of this world. For the beauty of life. For the beauty of friends found in blogs across lands near and far. ~

I am honored to have received the Sunshine Award from a most talented artist, Rose of b.b flocking, creator of amazing fairies and more. Thank you ever so much! To enter her beautiful blog world is a magical experience that lifts the spirit.

In return I pass on this uplifting award to the blogs listed below as a thank you for sharing the beauty and sunshine they create with others.

~And now, the Sunshine rules ~

1) Please thank the person who gave the award to you.

2) Copy the logo and place it in your blog.

3) Link the person who nominated you.

4) Name 6 things that no one would really know.

5) Nominate 6 bloggers. ( I just couldn't help myself, I had to add one more!)

6) Post links to the six blogs you nominate.

7) Leave a comment on each of the 6 blogs letting them know you have nominated them for the Sunshine award.

To those I nominate, please accept this award with my sincere admiration.

The 6 things you may not know about me? Hmmmmm...

1) I have never flown in a plane.

2) But I have been on a boat, large and small, many, many times.

3) Sometimes I love smoked salmon more than chocolate.

4) I am not an alcohol lover, but on occassion I do enjoy fine wine or a bit of good stout.

5) Both of my grandmothers were excellent gardeners.

6)  And, I used to play the clarinet. I really love the violin, lute, and piano, but alas, never played them.  

~ I wish you all a bit of beautiful sunshine! ~ 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nature's Paintings in the Sky

Sleeping Dragon

Spring Sunset

Clouds in their many forms and color create beautiful ever changing paintings in the sky.

~ Sleeping Dragon ~ Laying on his back, feet in the air, this magnificent glowing golden dragon slumbers as he slowly drifts on Spring air currents, spewing a waft of cloud steam from his nostrils with a gentle smile on his lips.

~ Spring Sunset ~ Infused with rich pinks and peach from the setting Spring sun, these puffy clouds set against the gorgeous blues of sky create a stunning image at the close of day. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I Were A ...

In the Fairy Garden
Art by Dale Ann Widen
~ A combination of my artwork and photography of my garden ~

What Would You Be?

The wonderful artist Carolee of  King of Mice Studios found this piece below to include in her blog and added her 'I'd be' answers. I thought this looked like so much fun, so here are my 'I'd be's.

If I were a month I would be May
If I were a day I would be Wednesday
If I were a time of day I would be morning

If I were a planet I would be Earth

If I were a sea animal I would be a dolphin
If I were a direction I would be north
If I were a piece of furniture I would be a large dining table

If I were a liquid I would be mint tea

If I were a gem stone I would be a lapis lazuli
If I were a tree I would be an oak
If I were a tool I would be a hammer

If I were a flower I would be an iris, a rose, or maybe a freesia

If I were an element of weather I would be sunshine
If I were a musical instrument I would be a harp
If I were a color I would be teal

If I were an emotion I would be joy

If I were a fruit I would be an apple
If I were a sound I would be gentle waves
If I were an element I would be water

If I were a car I would be a Mercedes

If I were a food I would be chocolate
If I were a place I would be Scandinavia
If I were a material I would be soft wool

If I were a taste I would be sweet

If I were a scent I would be the ocean breeze
If I were a body part I would be eyes
If I were a facial expression I would be a smile

If I were a song I would be magical

If I were a bird I would be a Bluebird
If I were a gift I would be a book
If I were a street I would be cobblestoned

If I were a city I would be Camelot

If I were a door I would be of carved oak
If I were a pair of shoes I would be comfortable

and a few I have added...

If I were an insect I would be a blue dragonfly
If I were an emotion I would be love
If I were an animal I would be a white horse

If I were a vehicle I would be a sailing ship

What would you be?