Thursday, December 31, 2015

~ Circled Cross in the Ancient Birch ~

~ Circled Cross in the Ancient Birch ~

~ Circled Cross in the Ancient Birch, full tree view ~


With only hours left of 2015, I look back and see a very good year.

Still fresh, new, and only hours old, it rang in with a 100th year birthday party for an
amazing great aunt.
The summer was exceptional, including two very beautiful family weddings, a reunion, educational
equine adventures, much needed projects completed and more,
then continued into a gorgeous fall!

Along with the amazing and exceptional, 2015 rounded itself out with a few life lessons,
something any good year should have. :0)

And with all that was included, nature and it's Creator continue to reveal mystery and wonder!

The images above were taken by me this past alterations.
This is the ancient birch I have often talked of...
the very same tree,
in the very same place,
in the very same field,
that appeared in a dream I had when I was very young.
We have looked upon this tree for more than 3 decades, and this summer it revealed an
circled cross.

Quite awesome I must say!


~ Wishing you a very happy, very healthy, amazing, and wonderfully whimsical New Year! ~

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

~ Two Days Before Christmas ~

~ Whimsical Winter Trees ~


These snow laden whimsical looking trees were from two winters ago.
But after our last winter storm the trees look like this once again...
heavily flocked, just in time for Christmas!

Wishing you all a beautiful and very merry Christmas!