Monday, April 27, 2015

~ Thought Lost, But Not, Iris ~

~ I was SO happy to see this iris bloom this year! ~

One rhizome was gifted to me by an old friend over 30 years ago. Years later I thought I had lost this iris, but during weeding 3 summers ago I found a tiny solitary 1/2" rhizome hiding beneath the foliage of a Butter and Sugar Siberian iris. After careful lifting and special tending in the greenhouse, watching, praying, but not quite sure who I had in the pot, this spring I saw a wonderful stem of 5 blooms appear!

As the flowers slowly unfolded I could tell the color pattern was one I hadn't seen for nearly 17 years! Indeed...this was the iris I hoped I had not lost! For you see, this friend had gifted me an iris she had collected from her mother's garden, an iris variety she had been treasuring, but alas had lost when an ancient pine blew down and crushed all she had.

I now hope that this beautiful sweetly smelling iris will grow strong healthy rhizomes I can separate, and return to an old friend a flower that once was her mother's. :0)

~ Wishing you a beautiful whimsical day! ~