Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stars in the Sky

Stars and Dragon Clouds

Amazing Cloud Patterns

Do you believe in wishing on stars? Star clouds!

Yesterday the weather pattern changed, the sun came out, and a warm wind blew in from the south. By chance, during one of my short breaks, I was stunned as I looked up to the sky and was met by a gorgeous yet very unusual cloud pattern. What instantly caught my eye was the distinct image of stars, appearing to be falling from the heavens above. Knowing clouds usually change patterns very quickly, I dashed for the camera, in hopes to capture the whispy stars before they melted away. There was nothing to fear, for these clouds remained perfect for nearly 10 minutes as they slowly drifted across the blue horizon. That evening the images were loaded into the computer, and lo, I found not only stars, but a dragon swishing down (top right of first photo), and a hidden animal head as well (look closely in the top left of the last photo)!

What wonders do you see in the cloud images above?

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  1. Wonderful cloud pictures, it takes you right back to your childhood laying in the grass and looking up at the sky with wonder, and full of imagination.
    Aslan Top Left? :) Lindax