Friday, January 8, 2010

More of Grandmother's Art

The Sled

Beautiful Shoes

Reading by Lamplight

In a preceding post I shared images of two oils my grandmother painted when I was very, very young. Today I thought I would share a few of the sketches she created for an art course she began in January of 1950 from the Washington School of Art. Nearly everything in her sketches and paintings were of items and images close to her, in her home or surrounding countryside, creating a wonderful record of style and history.

The Sled ~ I would love to be able to ask my grandmother who the model for this little toddler pulling the sled could be.

Beautiful Shoes ~ How wonderful to see this 1950's example. Could they be from her wardrobe?

Reading by Lamplight ~ Deep in my memory I recognize these rooms, but the reader. My uncle, my father?

~ What fun to look back in time

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  1. What wonderful images you have from your grandmother. My grandmother was an artist too but I don't have anything of hers.