Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Art of Jack Frost

Sunflower In Frost

Pane of Fine Frosted Down

Frosted Feathers

These past few days have been so very cold. The snow crunches and squeaks under feet, hooves, and tires. Lake ice pops and trees crack, while bird chirps, sounds, and voices can be heard crisp and clear. Steaming breath freeze on whiskers and create frosted lashes, and the art of Jack Frost cover cold winter windows.


  1. These are beautiful,these are stunning.
    I noticed some on the glass of our old glass conservatory(lean to, really), but I wasn't quick enough, I shall definately look to be less tardy in future.

  2. That is one thing super-duper storm windows have deprived us; frost pictures. I remember when I was a child, even with storms windows my father put up every fall and took down in the spring there was the wonderful Jack Frost art creeping up the windows. A very old farmhouse with very old windows. Ah, childhood.