Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

Cedar In Snow

Narnia Winter

A Cats' Domain

Knoll of the Ancients

We have been blessed with sunshine and warmer weather these past few days, which has felt so wonderful after the cold, cold days that crept in after one of the largest snowfalls recorded during Christmas here. These images are just a few of our beautiful Christmas snow.

Cedar in Snow ~ Just the beginning of the storm. After the storm the cedar was not to be found, and is now completely buried, not to be seen until Spring or a warm early thaw. I love how the branches of the trees in the backround remind me of a spider's web.

Narnia Winter ~ Fresh, peaceful, and quiet.

A Cats' Domain ~ A walk through this deep snow will now require snowshoes. If you look closely to your left you will see a hummble Bummble watching over his kingdom.

Knoll of the Ancients ~ This very large knoll is quite unusual as it sits alone, no other hills around it, beautifully topped with massive ancient Birches who are slowly coming to the end of their life. In their peak years ago one could walk below them and feel as if you were in one of nature's cathedrals, giant white Birch branches arching solidly over and above you, with beautiful windows of clear blue sky!


  1. Dale Ann, my pictures arrived today. They are so pretty and I love them. I think I will have them framed so I can see them all the time.Thank you so much. We are being snowed in here; it has lightened up alot, but now the temp is supposed to drop and the wind pick up creating another whole mess. No, we are not having fun yet. I would not mind so much but my SO is moving equipment for some jobs and that is not at all fun on messy, unplowed roads. Is it Spring yet?

  2. Great snow photo with the kitty! We're getting snow tonight, can't wait! I love snow.