Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reflection of Youth

~ Reflection of Youth ~

A new bookmark design has been added to those available in my Etsy shoppe DeLaRenaissance.

'Reflection of Youth', created in December of 2006, was inspired by my photo of a beautiful tiny Arab foal born with us many years ago. Her innocence and curiousity in the world around her were woven into the image of a baby Pegasus viewing herself for the very first time in a clear blue pool rimmed in flowers.

Even though the little chestnut Arab foal grew up and became a beautiful mare, she still lives in my art as an inquisitive little white foal with wings.

~ Wishing you a beautiful Day! ~ 


  1. One of these days, I am going to put back enough funds to go to your website and click on everything I adore. Then, I will have it framed as a showcase. Love it.

  2. Such a beautiful little foal, truly Magical. Lindax

  3. adorable - the color permeation is perfect for the bookmark -- my fingers will be walking to Etsy :)

  4. this art is so charming and perfect as a bookmark. I love the little wings!

  5. Beautiful painting!!! and great idea for a bookmarker. have a wonderful day, Jonny