Friday, April 30, 2010

Of Noble Knights and Sailing Ships

Noble Knights

and Sailing Ships

As director of a renaissance faire my husband and I founded in the late 1990's, my days are now filled with visions of brave knights tilting on armoured war horses, nobles bejeweled in pearls, gold, and silver with clothing made of fine velvets and woven tapestries, musicians gaily playing melodies heard by ancients over 400 years past on bagpipes, lute, drums, and recorder, and children laughing merrily as they dance around the Maypole, ride a royal's pony, or play medieval games, all under the green canopy of beautiful trees festively decorated with coloful flowing banners.

 Preparations for this annual festival, blessed with hundreds of dragonflies, began many months ago. But now 6 weeks away, nearly every waking hour contain thoughts, planning, sewing, sawing, painting, cleaning, constructing, mowing, hauling, placing, and greeting, until the massive gates of the Olde World Renaissance Faire finally open once again to reveal a beautiful re-creation of a land long ago and far away. This will be my life until...

I awake from my renaissance world, but only for a short time, as I look to the east and watch for 8 amazing tall masted sailing ships to arrive in the harbor of Duluth. In celebration of their arrival, a festival is to be held. In preparation, I begin again, with thoughts, and planning, sewing, and cleaning, hauling, placing, and greeting to produce a slice of Olde World for the wonderful creators of the 'Treasure Adventure', an amazing treasure hunting experience during the Tall Ships Duluth!  Time to be a pirate? Hmmmm, "Arrrrr!" :0)

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  1. I would so love to stand on that bluff above Duluth watching those ships coming in. Would be Just amazing.