Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Hypnotized Gull

~ Wave Spout ~

Not even a flinch did this gull make as splashes and spouts of Lake Superior water rose above him.


  1. He must be in awe of nature too?
    Have a lovely Easter weekend Dale Ann.

  2. I believe he was, as he stayed on that rock for nearly an hour watching the waves. :0)

    Thank you so much Annette! I too wish you a lovely Easter weekend!

  3. I know the feeling well :)
    Happy Easter!

  4. Like the gull, I too am mesmerized by this inland 'sea' in all it's forms, from rare calm as glass waters, to small lapping waves, or raging 20 foot swells that reshape its shores and gift beautiful and interesting treasures from its depths.

    Thank you Danielle! I hope you had a beautiful Easter!

  5. I guess the gull is use to the water, I like that you captured it like a fountain.