Friday, April 19, 2013


~ Minnesota April 19, 2013 Snowstorm ~
Many of you are probably enjoying warm spring breezes, the joyful sounds of birds singing,
 the sight of green blades of grass and spring flowers, possibly even a chance to
dig in the earth of a garden or two...
for those that live in northern Minnesota, winter has chosen to be stubborn this year.
We should be able to hear the joyful sounds of birds singing, feel some warm spring breezes,
possibly even see a few blades of green grass and a spring flower here and there.
Alas, instead we have had 3 major snowstorms
here in the last 2 1/2 weeks, with snow flurries many of the days in between
and winter cold temperatures to go with.
Yesterday's predicted snowstorm began as a storm with 4-6 inches,
as it got closer it became 8-10 inches,
but it was never predicted as 16-20 inches which is what this area received!
The above image is what I saw as I looked out the bedroom window this morning!
(The blotches on the image are wind splattered snow spots clinging to the window.)
~ Snowstorm at Gardens' Keep April 19, 2013 ~
I grabbed the camera and headed to our front door.
When I opened it, this is what greeted me...17+ inches of fresh snow!
(DH had already made a trail to the firewood pile.)
The Duluth airport has now recorded 115.3 inches of snowfall for this season,
and since our snowfall has been a bit greater than theirs
that means...
we have more than our share of snow for this season!
Winter push up and move on!
It's time for Spring!!!


  1. Wow!
    Not what one would expect to see this time of year!

    (fineartist on Etsy)

  2. Wish I could package up some of our warm air and send it your way.

  3. Oh my! Looks like mid Winter. Bad for all the baby birds and blooming trees.

  4. It's not very warm yet in Upstate New York but we don't have that snow!! Hopefully things melt and improve by the end of April!

  5. that is some serious spring snow!
    thank you again for the special package of your gorgeous arts! First i will enjoy them all and then they will be sent out into the world to be enjoyed some more.