Wednesday, April 10, 2013


~ Baby Sparrows ~
~ Newly Hatched Robins ~
( This nest was built on top of our 3 foot high phone box!) 
~ Baby Robins ~
Nature always seems to balance itself out somehow. If Spring comes early one year,
it seems to come later the next.
Last year Spring came very early to northern Minnesota, one of the earliest on record.
In contrast, this Spring is taking its time, peaking its head out ever so slowly.
One day it snows giant sticky snow clumps that cling heavily to branches, weighing them nearly to the ground. The next day the sun shyly peaks out from great gray clouds,
just enough to slowly melt the heavy white covering deposited on roof tops,
vehicles, trees, and anything else that stood out under the early Spring sky.
Nothing can be done to speed the coming of Spring,
but oh how I long for its warmth, the smells of the earth coming alive,
the beautiful singing of birds that have returned to raise their young,
and the sight of lakes shimmering, reflecting the beautiful blues of warming skies.
Nothing can hurry Spring,
but to remind me of what awaits when it arrives, I look back on images captured last year.
Gardens' Keep flourishes with life, and the cedars I planted years ago
are favorite nesting spots for both Sparrows and Robins.
Above are images of baby birds in three of the eleven nests I discovered last year! 
I wonder, how many will I discover this year? 

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  1. We had some robins nesting about eighteen inches up in our stone wall.....I don't think they're very clever!