Friday, April 26, 2013

Iris of Whimsy...Part 2

Spring has finally decided to arrive here at the Whimsy Gardens!!!
The temperature today just may reach into the lower 60's,
and water is pouring off of the roofs from the melting snow.
Soon, I hope, I will be able to see the earth
and the emerging leaves of my gardens!
Traveling a bit back in time to March of 2012, it was then I created a post showing some
of the Iris of Whimsy Gardens.
Today I thought I would show a few more images I have taken in my gardens of one of my
favorite garden flowers...
the iris.

~ Cracklin Burgundy ~
Tall bearded
 Year registered 1981

This is one of the first iris I introduced into my gardens in the mid 80's (after my grandmother's heirloom blue), and is a gorgeous deep red!

~ Unknown Heirloom ~
Tall bearded

The Wabash iris I showed in March 2012 was found growing in the middle of
a clump of this iris's rhizomes, which was given to me by a friend
who had found them growing wild on an abandoned site.

~ Unknown Heirloom ~
Standard dwarf bearded

This very hardy iris which grows no larger than 11 inches tall was found growing
in an old farmstead garden.

~ Unknown ~
Miniature dwarf bearded

Who knows what one will find at a yard sale!
A few years back this little iris was one of those finds.
It is short on height but still produces good sized blossoms.

 ~ Appleblossom Pink ~
Intermediate bearded

This is one of 5 new iris I added to the Whimsy Gardens last year.
The blooms are gorgeous and smell a little like grape pop!

I can't wait for the snow to go, the earth to thaw, and my gardens to come alive again!

~ A wonderful whimsy day to you! ~


  1. such beautiful flowers!

    yep, that sort of temperature will melt the snow fast. enjoy the little spring signs as they appear.

  2. Gorgeous Photographs, I'm coming back tomorrow to have a proper view when I'm not so tired. Linda :)x