Monday, February 18, 2013

Waiting for Spring ~

~ Spring Nest ~
Oh how I long for warmer days,
the return of summer birds singing sweet songs,
and sounds of frogs peeping in nearby ponds.
The smell of fresh earth,
scents of flower blossoms opening in the apple trees,
and newly fallen rain.
I love all of the seasons
but Spring is my favorite,
watching for signs of renewal and rebirth
after short winter days of cold and darkness.
Last year Spring arrived to northern Minnesota very early
giving warmth with the sounds and scents I love
to us in middle March.
We wonder, when will it appear this year.
When does your Spring arrive?


  1. What a gorgeous picture....those eggs are amazing!

  2. Thank you Em!

    The eggs are Robin of about 6 clutches that 3 pair of Robins in the gardens produced last year.

    The eggs are such a beautiful blue!