Monday, September 27, 2010

Forest Ablaze...With Color!

~ Forest Ablaze ~

~ Majestic Maple ~

~ Forest Ablaze II ~

Realizing that many of the area trees were nearing their peak of Fall color, we decided to spend this past Saturday traveling the northern Minnesota countryside in search of Nature's most spectacular colors. Here and there we found reds and some golds...but late Sunday afternoon, as our family was preparing our Faire site for winter, we discovered a small hillside ablaze with an amazing display of orange, peach, yellows, gold, and reds. The beautiful deep blue sky that peeked between the stunning leaves of maple, birch, and aspen allowed rays of golden sunshine to set the hillside on fire with color. This hillside was beautiful, bright, and truly glowing!

~ And...such a short distance from home. ~


  1. you have captured Autumns divine beauty! the colors come and go so fast, so lovely that you got out to enjoy and capture.

  2. Oh Wow! I am soooo jealous!!!! We had such a dry hot summer that the leaves are just dying and falling off the trees. Usually our colors turn in November, but I fear there will be no fall color this year.

  3. so gorgeous! you captured it perfectly! i think those would look great hanging on the wall of my house! :) hee hee

  4. Ooo, I can't wait for the trees to turn! I love your photos!

  5. beautiful photos. Turning leaves are my favorite. I can't wait till it starts here in Va. :-)

  6. This is just why i love autumn so, such amazing colours. Beautiful finds indeed.