Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buffalo Herd Babies

~ Buffalo herd with their new calves ~

The herd is very protective of their little ones and keep at a distance. When I first appeared with the camera, 6 adults immediately came forward to form a barrier between the herd and myself. When they saw I posed no threat, they slowly rejoined their herd mates.


  1. oh Dale Ann! they are so precious!! and tiny, what a beautiful sight and such a beautiful setting.
    The trees have lots of leaves on them now, it looks like heaven there :)
    thank you for posting about these beautiful animals!

  2. buffies! :D love them and the babies are so cute (and the adults make a great steak ;) )

  3. how wonderful to be able to get so close, lovely photograph!
    all animals love their babies, and are protective of them. We humans seem to forget that sometimes...

  4. What an incredible scene to be able to view.