Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday giveaway winner is...

Wow, it is amazing how quickly birthdays do fly by! I have had many over the years, some memorable and some not. This year was exceptionally wonderful because I was able to celebrate it with you!

 I felt your presence and could hear your kind birthday wishes throughout the weekend, and am so happy to have you drop by! Thank you ever so much!

What did I do for my birthday you ask? The weather was beautiful, with clear blue skies, warm 38 degrees (for February, in northern Minnesota), the snow melting, and the first of new Spring calls were beginning from the crows and a local Pileated woodpecker.:0) After being treated to a light hearted movie and delicious lunch, my husband, daughter, grandchildren and I spent time in a store surounded by books. Upon leaving, I was happily clutching a much needed dictionary to replace the well worn book that had separated from years of use into 5 pieces, and a new herbal addition for my bulging library. Ending with a little more family time, it was proclaimed a very good day!

And now it is time for me to present one of you with a gift. So, please feel free to help yourself to a heavenly piece of double chocolate cake with chocolate chips hidden inside, and a warm cup of (fresh picked) mint tea as I drop blue slips containing the number for each entry into an antique copper bowl. Stirring and folding with tightly shut eyes, I draw the winning number! Number...10!

The gift
...choice of one ACEO print in my shop goes to...

Annette F Tait ~ creator and author of the wonderful blogs ~ Hare Preservation Trust ~ and the Dragon House of Yuen  

Congratulations Annette!
And thank you all for spending time in the Chronicles of Whimsy, and your ever so kind comments and wishes!

~ I wish each one of you to have your birthday filled with joy and beauty and you have an amazing week ahead! ~


  1. Dale Ann my goodness! I am so very grateful!!! I am delighted to win one of your amazingly beautiful pieces of work - can you see that I have a hard time choosing just one image?
    Thank you so very much! and I'm pleased to read that your birthday went a treat - there is nothing better than spending precious minutes of happiness with those who mean so much to us - and on such a special day :)
    Thank you again!
    best wishes, Annette

  2. Congrats to Annette. What a wonderful gift she will receive from you. So good to hear you had a very Happy Birthday.


  3. Congratulations Annette :)
    So Glad you had such a Wonderful Birthday Dale Ann. Lindaxx