Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grandmother's Art

Winter Creek, oil on stretched canvas

Winter Sunset, oil on canvas board

It may seem as if I have been creating with oils again but, not today. Instead I thought I would share a little of grandmother's art with you.

Here and there you may have come across writings of a gentle grandmother full of love and talent, lost to me in my early years, and an easel and art box brimming with paints, brushes, and memories. Recently the beloved art box was once again opened, spilling those wonderful memories and stirring a desire to share with you art she created before and during my youngest years.

Only a few of her many paintings are with me along with an old tattered box containing a treasure of sketches and illustrations from her 1950 Home Study Course by the Washington School of Art, some of which I will share with you in coming posts.

For now I hope you enjoy this little travel back in time with visions created when I was very, very young.

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