Tuesday, November 19, 2019

~ UNICORNS...In Teal and Purple! ~

Well...it has taken me a bit
but I was finally able to round up
a couple of those elusive Unicorns as promised.

The first is "Serendipity Sea",
named for his gorgeous coat resembling 
beautiful teal blue sea glass.

~ Serendipity Sea ~

Like many other models I have talked about, this unicorn stallion
has been etched with the tip of a very sharp exacto blade.
His entire shimmering teal blue body was worked hair by hair, including
his once solid copper mane and tail, to give him a soft
body coat, and a white mane and tail touched with copper accents.

His eyes were colored a mysterious yet gentle deep blue,
then the surrounding "skin" was deepened, along with his muzzle
in black pan pastel.

The white strip down his nose ends with a soft pink snip. And after his 
golden hooves and horn were accented, they along with
his eyes and nostrils were clear glossed,
to bring them to life.


Then there is the purple Unicorn.
Well...actually she was a Unicorn, but now has no horn.

This little "Unicorn" is 3" tall by a tick over 4" long.
She began in a deep, solid purple coat with
light purple mane and tail.

She was to be a simple, relaxing project...but...
got a little out of hand. I think I may have an issue
keeping things simple.

This "Unicorn" is still a work in progress. I think I may nearly be,
if not completely, done hair by hair etching her on this side.
The other side however remains the original, untouched
dark purple coat. Which...might be why she seems to be
looking that way. She could be noticing there's
something not quite right yet. :0)


I know there are more Unicorns scampering about,
but I wasn't quite able to coax them out
for a view yet.


~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~

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