Wednesday, April 19, 2017

~ Hand Painted Fleabitten Grey Arabian Horse Pendant ~

~ Fleabitten Grey Arabian Horse Pendant ~


One of the things I have enjoyed creating these past few months 
are necklace pendants.

Each pendant is created on a hard wood disc,
but each disc is too rough to "paint" on with my
Prismacolor pencils and get the results I would like.

So to prep them, I may spend upwards of 3 hours
hand sanding each, front, back, and sides, to obtain the smooth
surface I am looking for. After sanding, I then trace out
my line drawing, making sure the horse is well placed, giving room to
place the bail at the top through which the necklace chain will eventually suspend from.

Every now and then a line drawing may not transfer well.
With a little fine sandpaper I can "erase" and try again. It's then on to the
Prismacolors. I complete the horse first, as any colors I apply
for the background may "splatter" into the uncolored area of the horse, which is
very difficult to remove.

Every pendant is in full color, front, back, and sides, with layer upon layer
of blended Prismacolor pencils. I use the same technique on these beautiful pendants
as with art I created on paper. Each pendant will take upward of 3 days to complete, from
prep work of sanding, to it's final touches of color and my signature on back.

When my signature has been applied, one by one, each pendant is placed 
into the spray box, where I apply multiple layers of clear, non yellowing
protective semi gloss finish, to help preserve the art for gentle wearing.

After it's protective clear coats, the pendant will hang in a warm, dry
area to cure. A silver plated bail is then added, readying the pendant
to pair with a perfect chain to wear!


~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~

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