Monday, March 31, 2014

~ Snow Unicorn ~

~ Snow Unicorn ~

The snow is so deep this spring the Unicorns can hardly keep their head above snow!


It's been so long since I've built a snowman I just couldn't resist the sticky snow late yesterday afternoon. It had been a balmy 56 degrees absolute beautiful early Spring day! A day so beautiful after the record breaking cold we had endured all winter, I wanted to spend a little more time outside before heading indoors for the evening.

I was only 10 steps from entering the front door when I turned to look at the enormous snowbank of wet sticky snow. Taking three steps back I bent over and scooped up a mitten full of snow. "Why not." I thought. "Let's have some fun and see what happens."

With no plans as to what to create, I scooped and patted...scooped and patted. Was it a snowman? No. Scoop and pat...scoop and pat. And then I saw the shape of a horse head. Scoop and pat...scoop and pat.
Shape an ear. Scoop and pat...then another ear.

Now the mittens were heavy and wet making them useless for the finer details. So off they came. Using bare hands to shape the horn, then create nostrils, and shave the snow to refine the shape.
 20 minutes later and some very cold hands this guy appeared on top of the huge snowbank just outside the big dining room window. :0)

It certainly isn't my best sculpting, and wouldn't win a snow sculpture contest
but it was an enjoyable time playing as a child in the snow and made me smile. 

Less than 24 hours later Snow Unicorn is disappearing as Unicorns do.
Warmth and rain is quickly making him only an early spring memory.


~ Wishing you beautiful whimsical memories! ~


  1. This absolutely GORGEOUS. I love it. x

  2. Thank you Em and Gail! :0) The Unicorn wasn't anything fancy, more for old fashioned play and I had so much fun! :0D

  3. it's such a beautiful, unicorn! what a crazy spring we've been having.

  4. Just catching up. This is so beautiful. :) Linda x

  5. Thank you Jan! :0)

    Thank you Linda! :0)

    Thankfully the snow is now all gone and the green of spring and summer have begun!

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