Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creatures of Summer Past

Summer here in Northern Minnesota has come and gone.
Early stages of Fall are now upon us.
The winds have changed, the temperatures dropped, and leaves on the trees are glowing daily stronger in multi shades of yellow, orange, vibrant red, and crimson.
This past summer still lives however in the images I had captured.
This was the year of the insect.
Clouds of butterflies visited flowers during the day,
and an amazing flutter of Polyphemus moths were visible during the evening ( a moth rarely sighted in a season here ).
~ Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly in the Siberian Iris Beds ~
~ Polyphemus Moth Under the Evening House Light ~
~ Beautiful Green Damselfly ~
~ Golden Green Dragonfly on Siberian Iris Bud ~
The above image of the dragonfly on the iris bud was an amazing capture, one I had longed to get for years! Dragonflies love to light on leafless branches and bare plant stems. Rarely have I seen them land on a flower, and just as rare to see an image captured of the dragonfly and flower combination!
This was a good day! 
~ I hope your summer contained some amazing and beautiful sights! ~


  1. each image
    each critter
    is entirely beautiful!
    a good day indeed~

  2. Wow Dale Ann! Your butterfly and moth make mine look like poor cousins! :)

    Beautiful photos!

  3. Lovely! Your photos are magical Dale Ann! :-)