Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winners...and... Woodpeckers?

I wish to thank everyone for all of your wonderful
birthday wishes!

The day which has now come and gone was spent with grandchildren, grown children, and Mr. Whimsy. After I received a bundle of wonderful handmade cards from the grandchildren, the evening was spent feasting on delicious pizza, brownies baked by granddaughter, and board game playing! Truly a fun day!


Time past, the day finally arrived to pick a winner...and on that day the 3rd snowstorm of the week hit!
Shoveling, snowblowing, shoveling, snowblowing...
...when evening fell and the Whimsy clock struck 9:00 PM, Mr Whimsy was fast asleep!

We're late! We're late!


the grand plumed hat has now been filled with folded name strips on blue parchment of those that entered...
names were stirred, bounced, and stirred again. As I held the hat well above mine and Mr. Whimsy's head to allow for no peeking, Mr. Whimsy slowly drew a name as I held my breath and closed my eyes. Asking if he should read the name to me, I quietly nodded yes.

The name Mr. Whimsy plucked

for the winner of the 5"x7" Peek A Boo print


Linda from

Congratulations Linda!

But wait!!!

I had a wish that each one that had entered would be a winner!

So, to...

Tammie Lee
and Gulf Coast Laser Graphics

I would love to send you a mini version of Peek A Boo,
a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" ACEO print (which really is the size of the original it was created from)!

If you would love to find this little print in your mailbox, please email me the address you wish it shipped to at info@delarena.com

Again thank you all!!!

But wait you say?

What about the woodpeckers?

Today the giant 17" Pileated Woodpeckers are calling! A true sign of the beginning of Spring!

~ Pileated Nest ~

These parents were very smart birds! If you look carefully you will notice the nesting hole of last year was created perfectly under the tree growing fungus, providing a natural awning to help shed rain.

~ Pileated Woodpecker Chick Calling for Lunch ~

  Last year these amazing birds decided to nest in a tree at the edge of Whimsy lawn. Such a racket these little fledglings created as they waited for the parents to return again and again with tasty morsels. And what a joy it was for quiet to return to the neighborhood once they flew out in search of their own meals!

Where will the parents create their nest this year? Despite the noise from hungy chicks, these large prehistoric looking birds are a delight to watch! 


Thank you for popping into the Chronicles of Whimsy!

~ I wish you all an amazing week ahead! ~


  1. Thrilled for Linda to win :) Also thrilled to receive a mini print!

    Love the Pileated Woodpeckers. We have a pair that live year round in the woods surrounding our house. I love their call, it has a wildness to it.

  2. ah, such a generous spirit you have and i am smiling to get to win you mini print! it is sweet, charming, magical and divine! thank you.
    and Happy happy still and again.

    and wow wow to that bird hole under the tree fungi! that is amazing!

  3. We are all so lucky, TY. What a charming little woodpecker,what a shot. Lindax