Friday, February 17, 2012

That's Some Hairdo!

~ Baby Bold ~

~ Little Buckling, Bold Logic ~

Last year on a sunny, warm March afternoon this little French Alpine goatling was born. From the beginning I knew he was different from the rest of the kids.

Even though he was born the second of twins, he was large. While his jet black brother, born minutes before him, lay in the fresh hay exercising his young lungs to take in the fresh country air that was new to him, Bold shook his little head, wiggled onto his baby knees, and within three short minutes of having entered the world, was wobbling about on stout hooves still wet and soft.

I sat watching in amazement as he wobbled this way and weaved that, touching with his soft whisker covered nose each wall of his mother's stall. In just a few short minutes he had found his mother's side, and eagerly began to suckle for his first meal of warm milk. With tummy satisfied and not wishing to lay for a rest, Bold stood quite still, eyes half closed as if in light slumber. Every now and then his little pink tongue would pop out as if he were savoring the flavor of that delicious milk.

His first nap didn't last long, for just when his older brother decided it was finally time to test out his new wobbling legs to explore the world and find some milk, Bold sprang with renewed energy, bouncing about as if on springs. First quite unsure, but within minutes, to his brother's exasperation Bold's leaps became bounds, bumping into and off of his brother and mother in the pure joy of movement.

Yes, Bold was different. And who knew that the smooth headed baby buckling would within 6 months grow such a crown of hair on his young head! With such a zest for life and his amazing hairdo, what will this young buck mature to. 

~ Wishing you all a wonderful day! ~