Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If Tree Toads Could Talk

Oh my goodness...how time does fly! It has been quite some time since my last post of roses at Gardens Keep...and I had promised to post next on the irises!

This year the gardens have been bursting with blooms, keeping me quite busy capturing their images. Nearly ever day something catches my eye, sending me dashing for the Canon camera.

A few mornings ago an unusually heavy fog blanketed the earth, creating a beautiful site with shimmering dew drops hanging heavy on spider webs and rays of sun cast through the moist air as it broke between pine branches.

In between the camera clicking I would stop to pull a few weeds here, and a few weeds there. Something prompted me to look up from one such weed pulling session...and there I spied a wonderful green tree toad clinging to a brown tree branch inches above my head.  

Ah hah! Another perfect subject! Out came the camera once again...click...click...click...

74 clicks later this patient little toad finally leaped to the nearby weathered fence, then slowly turned to look at me with it's shiny black eyes as if to say "Could you please find something else to do. I really must catch some breakfast." :0)

~ Iris images will be coming! Truly! And how about some baby goats, a new bunny, Duluth's premier garden, and... ~

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!


  1. Wonderful photos Dale Ann! I especially loved the sunlight coming through the trees.

  2. my, my! what a very handsome toad :)
    and the dew on that web is incredible! shall take that over diamonds any day :)

  3. Wow, what awesome photos! I love how you captured the droplets on the spider's web! :-)