Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcoming Wildlife

~ Little Sandpiper ~

~ Friendly Spitting Mallard ~

~ Golden Evening Whitetail ~

This past Sunday we took a leisurely family trip to Two Harbors, a small town on the Lake Superior shore north of Duluth, to view the area where my great great grandfather's homestead once stood, and to gather images of a fishing vessel the Crusader II, built in 1939 by my great uncles and christened by the Crown Prince Olav of Norway during a visit.

On our pebbled beach stroll we were immediately received by a most pleasant little Sandpiper who nimbly strided beside us. When she finally decided to depart, a friendly Mallard hen quietly glided up within arms length to say hello, as if greeting us back home.

 The sun was setting as we gathered back into our vehicles to head for Agate Bay, and as we rounded the corner, two Whitetail deer calmly gazed up through the golden glow of the evening sun, then slowly and silently glided from view.


  1. What a gorgeous photo. What a wonder to catch such a special golden glow! :-)

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