Friday, July 16, 2010

After the Storm

~ Pink Daylily ~

~ Mammatus Clouds ~

~ Orange Daylily After the Storm ~

It is not uncommon for Minnesota to see turbulent storms in any of its seasons, from blizzards and heavy snows in winter, to tornados, large hail, and torrential rains in warmer weather. Wednesday began as one such day, with severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings covering nearly the entire state. By late morning we had received significant rainfall, and ancient trees were toppled just blocks from our daughter's house. These storms kept us all on our toes for quite a few hours.

When the heavy weather began to lift I took a venture outside to view the amazing beauty left in its wake. The sky was filled with incredible Mammatus clouds that seemed as if they would drip to earth with an enormous splash.  And every petal on every flower and every leaf was covered with silver drops of rain, each reflecting a tiny version of the world around it.

Today the sun shines and a gentle breeze blows, giving not a hint of the raging storms nature produced for its Minnesota inhabitants two days ago. I wonder what beauty awaits for me to discover today.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos Dale Ann!! I really need to work on my macros. I have a new Canon and haven't had the time to sit down and study it! So consquently I am still using my old Olympus.

  2. Thank you so much Gail! My Canon is so much fun. I love the colors and the details it is able to produce!

  3. Exquisite


  4. Absolutely breath taking Dale Ann,How something so natural can be so beautiful, drops of rain.
    Linda:)TY for sharing