Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Beautiful Piece of Sunshine

~ For the beauty of this world. For the beauty of life. For the beauty of friends found in blogs across lands near and far. ~

I am honored to have received the Sunshine Award from a most talented artist, Rose of b.b flocking, creator of amazing fairies and more. Thank you ever so much! To enter her beautiful blog world is a magical experience that lifts the spirit.

In return I pass on this uplifting award to the blogs listed below as a thank you for sharing the beauty and sunshine they create with others.

~And now, the Sunshine rules ~

1) Please thank the person who gave the award to you.

2) Copy the logo and place it in your blog.

3) Link the person who nominated you.

4) Name 6 things that no one would really know.

5) Nominate 6 bloggers. ( I just couldn't help myself, I had to add one more!)

6) Post links to the six blogs you nominate.

7) Leave a comment on each of the 6 blogs letting them know you have nominated them for the Sunshine award.

To those I nominate, please accept this award with my sincere admiration.

The 6 things you may not know about me? Hmmmmm...

1) I have never flown in a plane.

2) But I have been on a boat, large and small, many, many times.

3) Sometimes I love smoked salmon more than chocolate.

4) I am not an alcohol lover, but on occassion I do enjoy fine wine or a bit of good stout.

5) Both of my grandmothers were excellent gardeners.

6)  And, I used to play the clarinet. I really love the violin, lute, and piano, but alas, never played them.  

~ I wish you all a bit of beautiful sunshine! ~ 


  1. Thank you for choosing me. How kind :)

  2. Thank you so much for the award. I will attempt to get to it next week. Not sure with spring here and yard work starting. I love your blog. The vibrant colors awaken the soul.

  3. Thank you so much for picking me:) Love your blog and your art! I can't believe you've never been on a plane. Green thumbs run in my family too.

  4. Thank you Dale Ann, Linda:), I've only flown twice there and back to Rome, Its was very ecomonmy in my youth, the pressurisation was low so I suffered all the way earache, etc, and came back through a thunderstorm, I wasn't frightened, but it was hardly a pleasant experience :) Daffodils and spring bulbs are just starting to appear, they have been here for a while, but are just starting to open now. Lindax

  5. Hi Dale Ann. Thank you so much for this award and for including me on your list. I love your work your paintings are beautiful. I will be honored to include it with my next post. Have a beautiful day!!!Thank You,Jonny

  6. Hello Dale, I'm sorry it has took me so long to respond. Thankyou so much for the award, you are very kind it is an honour to be chosen by you..
    I'm a bit naughty with awards and usually break the rules but I will post about it soon and pass it along...
    Thankyou once again
    Kathy x