Tuesday, December 1, 2020

"BELL BOY" The Large Draft ~


~ Bell Boy ~

~ Bell Boy ~


Model horses still cover my work desk, 
and I'm enjoying every minute with them.
Bell Boy however was quite a change in what I'm 
used to working with. He is a traditional size draft horse
model from the Stone Horses company, 
standing a little over 10 1/2" high at the tips of his ears!

Quite a change from the three inches and smaller models
I had been working on up to this!

Bell Boy is a contest horse, one that was 
chosen for me. Not until I opened the box and
unwrapped him did I know who he was going to be.

He was a bit rough from the factory, needing rather 
large seams shaved and sanded before 
I could begin to give him any color.

But life in 2020 took over in another direction for a bit,
and with one week left to go, he sat forlorn and 
naked white...completely lifeless on my desk. 
I had almost given up hope of entering him. 
Then I made a decision.

I had made a commitment with Bell Boy, 
and I was going to honor that.
So I set to work, hours and hours and hours of
rushed rushed rushed work.

I love to add tiny details to my work, 
but there was little time for that.
So, within the hours I had left before he was to have his
contest photos taken, I did what I could.

Bell Boy is not completely where I'd like to see him
as a finished model. He was definitely a test 
as to how well I could create a nice looking horse 
in a time frame that was much shorter then I'm used too.

Over the winter I'm sure I will pick him up again, to
add those tiny details I love. But for now I'll relax,
and enjoy him as he is.


~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~

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