Tuesday, December 1, 2020

"BELL BOY" The Large Draft ~


~ Bell Boy ~

~ Bell Boy ~


Model horses still cover my work desk, 
and I'm enjoying every minute with them.
Bell Boy however was quite a change in what I'm 
used to working with. He is a traditional size draft horse
model from the Stone Horses company, 
standing a little over 10 1/2" high at the tips of his ears!

Quite a change from the three inches and smaller models
I had been working on up to this!

Bell Boy is a contest horse, one that was 
chosen for me. Not until I opened the box and
unwrapped him did I know who he was going to be.

He was a bit rough from the factory, needing rather 
large seams shaved and sanded before 
I could begin to give him any color.

But life in 2020 took over in another direction for a bit,
and with one week left to go, he sat forlorn and 
naked white...completely lifeless on my desk. 
I had almost given up hope of entering him. 
Then I made a decision.

I had made a commitment with Bell Boy, 
and I was going to honor that.
So I set to work, hours and hours and hours of
rushed rushed rushed work.

I love to add tiny details to my work, 
but there was little time for that.
So, within the hours I had left before he was to have his
contest photos taken, I did what I could.

Bell Boy is not completely where I'd like to see him
as a finished model. He was definitely a test 
as to how well I could create a nice looking horse 
in a time frame that was much shorter then I'm used too.

Over the winter I'm sure I will pick him up again, to
add those tiny details I love. But for now I'll relax,
and enjoy him as he is.


~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

~ UNICORNS...In Teal and Purple! ~

Well...it has taken me a bit
but I was finally able to round up
a couple of those elusive Unicorns as promised.

The first is "Serendipity Sea",
named for his gorgeous coat resembling 
beautiful teal blue sea glass.

~ Serendipity Sea ~

Like many other models I have talked about, this unicorn stallion
has been etched with the tip of a very sharp exacto blade.
His entire shimmering teal blue body was worked hair by hair, including
his once solid copper mane and tail, to give him a soft
body coat, and a white mane and tail touched with copper accents.

His eyes were colored a mysterious yet gentle deep blue,
then the surrounding "skin" was deepened, along with his muzzle
in black pan pastel.

The white strip down his nose ends with a soft pink snip. And after his 
golden hooves and horn were accented, they along with
his eyes and nostrils were clear glossed,
to bring them to life.


Then there is the purple Unicorn.
Well...actually she was a Unicorn, but now has no horn.

This little "Unicorn" is 3" tall by a tick over 4" long.
She began in a deep, solid purple coat with
light purple mane and tail.

She was to be a simple, relaxing project...but...
got a little out of hand. I think I may have an issue
keeping things simple.

This "Unicorn" is still a work in progress. I think I may nearly be,
if not completely, done hair by hair etching her on this side.
The other side however remains the original, untouched
dark purple coat. Which...might be why she seems to be
looking that way. She could be noticing there's
something not quite right yet. :0)


I know there are more Unicorns scampering about,
but I wasn't quite able to coax them out
for a view yet.


~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Not a Unicorn...But He's Still Little! ~

My last post mentioned a possible unicorn.
Yes...there are two actually.
I have been working on this guy lately.

I had started on him this past spring.
But when snow melts and outdoor warmth returns,
I set aside my indoor creating so that I can enjoy
as much of the fresh air, sunshine, and all things
outdoor that I can. Since our growing season here only lasts a
few months, I spend as much of it as I can in my gardens.

But cool weather has returned. Trees and vegetation are now
preparing for winter's sleep. And the days are getting shorter...
all meaning time to come back inside
and work once again on art.

The unicorns will come out of the forest of mini horses and unicorns that surround me, to show themselves here.
However, today I've decided to showcase this guy. 


~ Etched Mini Model Horse ~


This is quite a little horse...standing only 3 1/4" high
from desk top to the tip of his ears. He is one of Breyer's
very small models. Before sending him out for 
customers to purchase, they completely painted him, 
along with many many others like him,
in a nearly bey color, with only a small white star
on his forehead, and 3 dirty white socks.

As I love small, intricate, and (some would say) putzy
work...etching this little guy into a new color very
much pleased me.

So with a very fine tipped, very very sharp
exacto blade I set to work. Slowly etching out
hair, by hair, by hair...for hours, and hours, and hours.

After etching was complete, I added back into his mane and tail, colors of fiery red, burgundy, and gorgeous yellows
with pencil, along with some blues
 for his beautiful eyes. The tiniest amount of pan pastel
was applied with a very small detail brush, 
to darken around his eyes and muzzle.

He's still not complete, as color will be added
to his hooves. After which layers of sealer will be applied
to protect his new coat. And gloss will be added to
bring life to his eyes, his nostrils, and
his hooves, making him ready for the show ring.

I love working on these tiny horses...
and I have many many more to go!


~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Another Pinto Pony ~

~ Little Peanut ~


Oh dear! It looks like quite some time since my last post!


" Little Peanut " was next on my list of little
model horses to receive not only a
new coat color, but also reshaping of his
(at the time) very flat and unattractive head and mane.

 The exacto blade and some fine sandpaper were first to be used, giving him a cute little pony head and better flow to his mane.

 Hours later he looked so much better...and it was time to begin work on a new color.

So...exacto blade in hand again, I carefully etched away his chestnut color, transferring him into a spunky white and chestnut pinto. Then with detailing brushes, pan pastel colors were added for depth to his coat, to "map" out his white markings, and darken eyes and muzzle.

His cute white face was softly pinked between nostrils...after which layers and layers of clear matte finish were applied to protect him. Eyes and nostril insides were then glossed to add life.
And after these images were taken, his petite hooves
were colored and glossed.

Now complete, this cheery little pony happily trots across my desk, ready for his new home this fall or winter...where ever that may be.

Coming soon...a little unicorn perhaps? 

~ Little Peanut ~


~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

~ Etched Into a Gray Dapple ~

~ The Dappled Gray ~


This is the horse that is on my work bench now.
I seem to have fallen for the etching process.
For me it's very relaxing.

But he needs the reverse side finished...
his hooves colored...
and the finishing touches of gloss on both eyes and hooves.

He will be attending the upcoming live model show...
so I have 5 weeks to complete him.

I best work faster!


~ Wishing you a wonderful whimsical day! ~

Friday, June 8, 2018

~ Little Etched Pony ~

~ Little Bobbles ~

During this past late winter and into early spring,
I ventured into a new area of art...
etching model horses.

For the past few years the craft of re sculpting
and re painting model horses has fascinated me.
This craft allows anyone to create a model horse
in any color they desire...even farther...
change it's shape or pose. An artist can create a horse
that resembled a real one once owned
from the past or the present.

Last year I decided...it was finally time for me
to join the art of custom colored horses.

My first recolored model was worked up in 
my favorite medium...colored pencil, in layer 
upon layer of color. After which I added a few touches
of white with Golden acrylics.

The second...third...fourth...fifth...and :0)...
were using a medium completely new to me...
pan pastels, applied with a very soft brush.

The little dun filly on the left was my first re color
 with pan pastels. After her body color was complete
 I gave her hooves a bit of
realistic look with my wonderful Prismacolor pencils...
sprayed her all down with many layers
of mat sealant to protect her...
and for the finishing touches, carefully glossed the hooves,
as well as her big, beautiful eyes.
 The palomino in the back was what
she used to look like before I began work on her.
 This spring she found a new home
with a delightful mini model horse collector.

I found pan pastels such fun to work with...and may
apply them to some 2D art in the future.
But...back to 3D horses. :0)

While studying ways to re color these wonderful horse
models I began to notice a technique very similar
to scratchboard art I had created while still
in high school. This technique was working with models
already painted...but now removing the color with a
very sharp blade.

I was intrigued! Sooooo...
I carefully selected my fully painted model...
looked through my art supplies and found the sharpest
x acto blades I had...
and went to work.

The end result?
" Little Bobbles "
Fully etched from head to toe.
She began as a solid dark grey pony...
all 4 hooves dark grey as well.
Not a white marking on her anywhere.
When I completed her, she emerged as the
cutest little grey dappled pinto, with
two hooves clear and two striped party color.

She has the most delicate hairing over every bit 
of her remaining grey (so delicate the camera didn't pick it up).
And to tip her over on cuteness
I added a bit of pink to that soft muzzle.

Glossed hooves...glossed little sparkling eyes...
signed on her fuzzy tummy...
this little girl standing 2 1/4" tall at the tip of her ears,
 is now ready for her new home...
wherever that may be.

~ Little Bobbles ~

~ Wishing you a wonderful, whimsical day! ~


Sunday, March 25, 2018

~ Memories of Our Renaissance Faire

Our renaissance faire,
the faire I co-produced and directed,
now faded into the mists of time.
The Olde World Renaissance Faire,
Twig, Minnesota.

~ The Villagers ~

~ One of the Blacksmiths ~

~ Entertainment on Parade ~

~ Homage to the Royals ~

~ The Joust ~

~ Wonderful Lute Music ~

~ Sheriff of Brikenhar ~

~ Some Dueling ~

~ A Bit of Face Painting ~

~ Merchants of Games ~

~ The Belly Dancers ~

~ Leather Merchant ~

~ The Art Merchant ~

~ The Fairy Merchant ~

~ Hobby Horse Joust ~

~ The Knighting ~

~ Merchant Lane ~

~ One of Three Stages ~

A small sample through the years of our faire,
the Olde World Renaissance Faire.

2004 ~ 2010